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Arkoudilas Beach

Natural Beauty & Privacy

 For all who prefer a rather quiet and tranquil beach, there is  Arkoudilas Beach in Lefkimi.
This beach is within easy reach from Kavos Plaza Hotel  - from here it is only a 10 minutes drive, the walking distance is approx. 30 min [Directions]

At Arkoudilas Beach is a large 1.5 km long sandy beach, set in a small cove surrounded by high cliffs. Here is a limited numbers of umbrellas available and also a tiny kiosk where refreshing drinks can be bought. This beach is a natural beach with no further facilities so toilets, showers or lifeguards are not provided.

The water is particularly clear and shallow but only a few metres from the shore, it is deep with sometimes, strong underwater currents. In the afternoons, it can get a little windy.


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